It is not popular to admit but…. A lot of your AD Buy is a waste of money – but it does not have to be

Online Advertising is great, really it is, but all Online Ads are the same nor do they solve every problem. Traffic feels good, it looks good, but when you dig into the numbers often times it is of little value. Take for example Social Media advertising and brands interacting with customers and getting likes and followers, it is touted as being the way of the future. I have some bad news for you, it is not the way of the future, I have pushed it, I have sold it, I have convinced people of it and when the numbers come back in the ROI on Social Media advertising are abysmal. Don’t get me wrong Social Media is a great tool and very engaging, just not that good at engaging your customers, unless they are mad at you. If they hate your brand or have something bad to say, then yes Social Media is a great tool to get their message out to everyone else (kidding, well not really).