HGN started out as software development company working with a wide range of public and private clients in Canada and the United States. Projects focused on environmental data management and handheld applications for the pharmaceuticals industry – (US Army Corps of Engineers, Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Redlist.org, Natural Resources Canada, AMEC Engineering).



HGN went into full startup mode by changing its focus on a newly created and angel investor financed company called PickupPal.com.  PickupPal was a global leader in facilitated ridesharing, that at its peak had over 250,000 users and operated in North America and select countries in Europe.  PickupPal.com developed strategic partnerships with organizations like: Virgin Mobile, Live Nation, Nike, U2, CFL.  Although PickupPal had a strong following and was a market leader in the online RideSharing business during the period of 2007-2011, due to failure to secure a second round of financing the operation was unable to continue operations.



With the demise of PickuPal.com HGN resumed operations with a small staff and transitioned from a software startup to a consulting company in the growing world of online advertising.  The new vision for HGN was to provide management and optimization of online advertising initiatives for corporate clients. Seizing on a unique opportunity to work with online retailers to help them get a handle on traffic acquisition and advertising budget optimization – (Dish Network, DIRECTV, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Sanofi, AstraZeneca).



As the online advertising landscape matured so to did the nature of our business. Advertising networks have consolidated and a broader base of knowledge is available for organization to effectively run their advertising campaigns in house.   HGN has once again transitioned itself to focus on what we see as the under reported and poorly understood issue of online advertising fraud.  In order to meet this demand for advertising accountability and fraud reduction we have taken the tools that we have developed internally to monitor and mitigate online advertising fraud and began to offer our services to new clients.

If you are looking for Eric Dewhirst, one of the founders of HGN, he is now the President of Dignified Living, Canada’s only national bilingual senior care directory ( Dignified.ca ).